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Experience It, Rekord It, Share It.

Rekordr helps people create, organize
and share online journals.

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Rekordr – Social Journaling Platform

“Social Journaling” is a new concept introduced by Rekordr that bridges three communication
channels: social sharing with your friends and family, traditional journaling as a private activity,
and blogging as a way to publicly present your stories and thoughts.

By combining these three channels together we created an entirely new and intriguing online
experience – Rekordr Social Journaling Platform.


Keep your Journals private


Publicly present your stories
and thoughts.

Social Media

Share your Journals with Family
and Friends

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No matter where you are or what device you’ve got on hand, you’ll
enjoy the best Journaling experience.

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How it works?

Beautifully simple way to social Journaling!


Write, manage and share


A flexible, rich, fluid format where you
can upload your photos, videos and audio.

Write about your experiences, interests, memories.
Use it both online and offline


You control privacy level


Keep your Journals private,
share them selectively with firends
and family or make them public.


Find everything in one place


Browse through our handpicked section
of Journals and see some of the amazing personal
experiences, creative inspirations, passions
and memories shared by other Rekordr authors.


Collaborate with friends


Invite your friends and collegues to view
and collaborate privately. You can invite
Rekordr members or send email invitation
to anyone.

Social Journaling has never been so easy!

Inspirational Journal Examples

Browse through our hand picked section of journals and see some
of the amazing personal experiences, creative inspirations, passions,
and memories shared by other Rekordr authors.

Rekordr is for Everyone

Rekordr is for anyone. Its a simple and elegant solution through which
users can record and share their stories and memorable life moments
with their relevant audience.

Give it a try and create your online journal today.

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